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Panic disorder is known as Fright

Panic disorder is known as Fright-Psychic-Condition which usually occurs without any reason or cause. A panic mess consists of different kinds of symptoms like chronic horror, fear, threat, heart throbbing, sweating and rapid breathing. The people of panic-disorder cant sleep due to constant attacks of fear and fright throughout the night.

Causes of Panic-Disorder (P.D)

1. Hereditary factor

Hereditary is one of the prevailing factors in panic disorder as millions of people in the world are indulging in different kinds of inherent panic diseases including bipolar-disorder, manic disorder, hypo manic disorder, schizophrenia, lzheimer, obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD) and various other forms of depression. Almost, all the diagnoses show the real cause of panic disorder which is the hereditary-panic-disorder. Today, an ample amount of panic disorder cases have been found in the United States as it is saturated with panic-disorder.

2. Drugs

Drugs are the major causes of panic disorder all around the world and it is investigated 100% by the psychologists that every kind of panic chaos is generally occurred due to heavy use of drugs including cigarettes, alcohol, hash, cocaine, cannabis smoking and nicotine, etc.

3. Amygdala, Hormonal and Adrenaline Glands

Some of the causes of panic turmoil are Amygdala, Hormonal and Adrenaline Glands which often become the reason of fear, fright and threat. As a results these sorts of chronic disorders run on continuous frustrations and worries for the people who indulge in it.

4. Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions burst out in way of natural calamity like earthquake, flood, volcanic activity, fire eruption, bomb-blasting, etc. This situation more often than not becomes the major factor of panic disorder in the society which is sometime devastated in an earthquake or flood. As a result, numerous people are caught up in different panic chaos.

5. Societal depressions (Women-Especially)

Societal tensions and burdens are everywhere in the world. Every person has a maximum limit to control upon his emotions and stresses. When the mind is overloaded with an ample amount of sociological depressions, panic disorder is occurred at this moment and women are mostly become the victim of panic disorder as they have gone through various stages of their lives like childhood abuses, violation, beating, life-threatening, emotional abuses, sexual abuses, sexual harassment, divorce and many other societal violations which the women come by.

6. Different other factors

There are some other evidences of panic disorders obtained by most of the psychiatrists like Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemia, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Labyrinthitis and Pheochromocytoma.

7. Anxiety as leading factor of panic disorder

The studies conducted in animals and humans have proved a point regarding the panic-disorder. It shows that anxiety is the biggest cause of panic disorder as it includes fear, sensitivity, conscious feeling, irritation, hypertension, fight response, etc. These all syndromes merely become the cause of chronic attack called as Bipolar-Disorder which is also known as Hypo-Manic-Disorder.

8. Sleep-Apnea

Sleeping-Apnea or Hypopnea often becomes the factor of panic disorder as the people indulge in chronic problems of lack of sleep especially at night bed.

9. Prepulse Inhibition

Last but not the least is the Prepulse Inhibition which becomes the cause of panic attack. It is quite spreading these days, because it disturbs the cognitive function of the person which leads him/her into chronic attacks of inability, lack of sensory perceptions, memory damage and hallucinations, etc.

Concluding remarks

Briefly, we can say that panic disorder is the disorder of all times, because it retains countless impacts especially for the women and a very long psycho treatment. Today, every second woman is indulged in chronic messes. Every year, a number of women indulge in bipolar, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, OCD, hypo manic disorders, etc and these numbers are very high in the United States. Therefore, the need of time is that we have got to think seriously about Panic-Disorder (PD), because its always chronic and long-lasting disease.

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