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All over the world in most Christian cultures

All over the world in most Christian cultures, the hanging of decorative festive lighting had long been a standing tradition during Christmas. Even in countries like Japan which is not a predominantly Christian nation had adopted this secular practice of celebratory lighting. In the United States, the state of Missouri is not one to be left behind in this holiday extravaganza. Each year, the country waits in eager expectation the Christmas light magic that palces like Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood offer. Last year’s holiday season was astonishing especially in the Leawood – Overland Park area as the whole state and country beheld the spectacle that transformed these cities into a winter wonderland.

Kansas City is the largest city in the whole state of Missouri. You can therefore expect a lot of holiday activity from the 475,830 estimated population in the area encompassing Jackson, Cass, Clay, and Platte counties. As the holiday season approaches, you will be amazed at how this humble Missouri city transforms from the regular humid subtropical city, into this festively cold haven. From November onwards, in time for thanksgiving, the locals begin to install their Christmas lights around their homes, much o the delight of tourists and visitors.

The Christmas tree is a focal point of every home celebrating Christmas, where dazzling lights illuminate the simple perennial wooden plant. Thousands of LED fairy lights (Christmas lights) grace Kansas City, Missouri each year from public venues to private homes. Houses outlined by perennial Christmas lights are a common sight to Kansas City sojourners during the holiday season. It is much like the Festival of Lights held every Christmas in Louisiana which is one of the oldest light festivals in the US. You and your family will love spending the holidays in Kansas City as you can drive through the town’s tacky light tour.

2009’s Christmas celebration in Kansas had even been covered on TV because of their beautiful light sculptures which is a growing trend now in the US. Simple lampposts become objects of much merriment when designed publicly with Christmas lighting effects, some of which are even holographic. In Leawood, Kansas last year, several houses were featured during the holiday festivities because of their adorable Christmas lighting displays. Ken and Marylyn Hager’s dazzling computer controlled Christmas light display along 127th street was one of the most beautiful you could ever see.

The Burton residence also in Leawood Kansas had been dazzling us with their Christmas lighting showcase for 8 straight years now. Also in Leawood Kansas, a block away from the Burton’s is the Pawnee Lane’s Santa Clause Airport Christmas Lighting display, also from last year. The Kyoger family in the same vicinity also from last year dazzled us with their Monster Brain Christmas lighting display for 15 minutes in Granada Drive. Ash Street also in the same place had also delighted us with their merry Christmas displays for three straight years now. There are a dozen more lovely Christmas lighting displays all across Missouri which are simply too many to mention from last year, these are just a few of them.

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