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So lets get started on nutrition

So lets get started on nutrition

As nutrition is an essential part of health and weight loss/control and the feeling of wellbeing, I am going to include emails regarding this subject. It also forms part of my journey as covered in my previous emails. I believe that understanding some of this will help you to start making beneficial changes to your diet, however, it is only a part of what led to my success  my amazing discovery To free the slim you is the glue that holds together all of my nutritional knowledge, past experiences, new findings and success!!

So lets tackle the subject of water first.

Water  the essence of life

For some reason a lot of people do not like drinking water unless it is mixed with fruit squash, tea or coffee. Mixed with these substances it dilutes its health value.
So I will start by going over the reasons we should drink water and plenty of it  at least 1.5 ltrs per day and more if you have exercised or done anything that has made you sweat.

Benefits  the scientific bit:

 Water is essential for life
 Regulates body temperature
 Transports nutrients around the body
 Involved in every stage of digestion
 Carries waste products out of the body
 Enables the formation of cells and tissues
 Provides a medium in which metabolism occurs
 Sends messages between our cells so that our muscles can contract
 Protects the nervous system
 Carries oxygen and carbon dioxide round the body
 Forms lubricant for joints and membranes

How cool is that!!

Things you need to know:

 At the point we feel thirsty our body is already dehydrated.
 Often when we feel hungry we are really thirsty.
 The colour of our urine is a clear indicator of our body water levels. If it is a light straw colour we are hydrated if it is any darker we are dehydrated. The darker the colour the more dehydrated we are.

How can we adjust to drinking water:

If you can drink water  go ahead and drink at least 1.5 ltrs a day
For those of you who struggle to drink water there is a correct way of doing this that makes it quite easy.
SIP your water regularly throughout the day. You will soon be able to consume your daily allowance.
Do not drink a full glass of water all at once as this will just go straight through your system and you will be running to the toilet all day. Even when exercising you should SIP.
Build up your water intake if you are not used to it. Any amount of pure water will be beneficial to you.
Drink a glass of water 30 mins before eating  you will eat less

Coming next:

Break the chain of Yo Yo dieting

Until next time

Take care  Karen
Nutritional Therapist

Tip of the day
Water will make your skin, hair and complexion look and feel great. If you cannot drink it on its own drink it in herbal teas  It has the same effect!

Copper Mountain was referred to as the best ski slope

Copper Mountain was referred to as the best ski slope in "North America" by the US Forestry Service, for its amazing resources and ability to cater for beginner, intermediate and expert skiers. Based only 120 KM from Denver airport and with 160 metres of pure skiing fun, Copper Mountain is the only place to go skiing in America. 

With a 3 Kilometre base and a summit of nearly 4 kilometres it is no wonder the slope is big enough to handle over 30,000 visitors on a monthly basis. With twenty two lifts the Copper Mountain is renowned for its 6 man high speed lift, 5 doubles, 5 triples, surface chairs, quad lifts, tubing zone and even quad lifts that can travel in excess of 40 kilometres per hour.

The upper lifts close at 1500 every evening, meaning you get 30 minutes to complete your last run before your days skiing is over. Opening at 9am in the morning Monday to Friday there is no excuse for not getting an early start. At the weekends the lifts open around a half an hour earlier, making it much easier to fit more skiing into your day.

In total Copper Mountain covers two and a half thousand acres, and stands nearly 800 metres tall. With 125 trails in total, 18% cater for expert skiers, 36% for advanced skiers, 21% for beginners and 25% for intermediates.  The snowfall in Cooper Mountain is also something to be reckoned with; the total snowfall in November to April of 2005/2006 was 283.58, with March appearing to be the best month for snow. Although April to November provides the best snow, Copper Mountain also has an avalanche machine keeping the slop active for around 12 months in the year. This machine works by releasing a gas that turns water into snow. The machine provides genuine powdery snow that can even be altered to be icier, or softer to meet the needs of the skiers.

The Copper Mountain is set to be active for 12 months of the year, as of some point in the next two years, whilst plans are also unveiled for an indoor facility. The massive success of Copper Mountain is said to be partially attributable to hosting world snowboarding events, and also offering other activities such as snow tubing which is becoming increasingly popular, as well as snowshoeing, hiking, biking and snowmobile vehicles.

When I last visited Copper Mountain major regeneration work had just begun. They had started re-building the lift, their were hotel and lodging developments, and they have even started investing in real estate. From what I understand you will be able to buy a property overlooking the amazing slopes in a small amount of time. They had also seen the importance and the xafs that exists for training skiing. When a facility has the best training facility, new skiers are more likely to come along, learn how to ski at Copper Mountain and then come back year after year. They have built a complex that will house and support their training team, and they intend to offer lessons for a great price to encourage people to learn how to ski at Copper Mountain.

Copper Mountain is also home to freestyle snowboarding facilities which are becoming increasingly with teenagers looking to get started in winter sports. The snowboarding facilities include ramps, half-pipes, jumps and runs, whilst also being flood light, allowing the facility to operate much later than when the lifts stop functioning.

If you have never been to Copper Mountain then you will soon realise why it is rated as the best Skiing facility in America. Did you know that many film scenes have been completed on this mountain? It may also surprise you to know that this is usually completed when there is no snow on the mountains, and an avalanche machine generates snow in the absence of a any skiers or tourists.


Anyone who has even tried to buy a diamond

Anyone who has even tried to buy a diamond has probably heard of the four c's of a diamond. So, what exactly are the four c's and why do the matter so much for the person who buy the diamond? Well, the 4c's determine the quality of the diamond and therefore -  it's worth. Let's take a closer look at these four quality parameters and understand them a little better:

Clarity - describes the clearness or purity of a diamond. It is determined by the number, size an shape of the flows, or imperfections, inside and outside the diamond. The clarity is expressed by a scale of clarity level. The highest level is F - which means "flawless" diamond (very rare). On the other side of the scale there's the I3 clarity degree, which indicates a diamond with very notable imperfections. The scale goes from I3, to I2, I1, SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF and finally - F. Be aware that the clarity level of a diamond may change over time for many reasons.

Color - The color of a diamond is another factor that should be looked at when determining it's worth. Not all diamonds are clear in color, and some have a yellowish color to them. The color scale starts at D,E,F,G,H and I levels, which represent colorless  (transparent) diamond, D being the most colorless. After that, J,K and L represent a diamond which is near colorless. M, N,O,P,Q and R represent a faint light yellow diamond, and the S,T,U,V, W,X,Y and Z letters stand for a light yellow diamond.  

Cut - the beauty of the diamond is to a large extent, derived from the quality of it's cut. An ideal cut will reflect most of the light that hits the diamond, thus causing it to shine and look very beautiful. A poor cut will make the diamond look lifeless and in many cases a small diamond that has an ideal cut will look much better that a bigger diamond with a shallow or a heavy cut. In many cases, the cut has a great effect on the diamond's price. One might ask - if the cut is so important, why aren't all the diamonds cut in a prefect way? The answer to that is that the rough diamond doesn't always allow the diamond cutter to cut it in an idea way because rough diamonds are found in different shapes and sizes.

Carat - The weight of the diamond. 1 carat equal to 0.20 grams. A carat is also sub divided into points, where 100 equals 1 carat. The size of a single diamond adds to it's worth, so 2 half-carat diamonds taken together will not cost as much as 1 one-carat diamond. This is due to the fact that  the one-carat stone is more rare.

After the 4 c's are evaluated, the diamond's price can be calculated. Of course, diamond's value is also effected by the xafs - if there is a great demand to certain diamonds, their price may go up beyond their "on paper" value.


The mobile phone has a keyboard with a subtle backlight

The latest BlackBerry 8100 Smartphone comes with a built in GPS navigation system and Wi-Fi technology. The slim handset measures 14mm in depth, 114mm in length and 66mm in width. The new BlackBerry 8100 looks almost similar to the BlackBerry 8800 Black but, has added feature of Wi-Fi. The Black Berry 8100 model mobile phone weighing 123 gram including the battery makes it light weighted that makes it easy to hold in hand. This model mobile phone comes with a large colour screen that has a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The 8100 model from BlackBerry comes with a full QWERTY keyboard which is expected of all business Smartphone's and the QWERTY keyboard makes text input easy for the user. The mobile phone has a keyboard with a subtle backlight that highlights the keys on the keyboard.

BlackBerry 8800 Black model mobile phone from BlackBerry comes with 64 Mbytes of Flash memory ad also provided the use the ability to expand it by adding a MicroSD memory card to suit the storage needs of the user.

The BlackBerry 8800 Black mobile phone comes with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to enjoy a wireless connection between the BlackBerry 8100 and the users Bluetooth headset. The BlackBerry 8100 mobile phone has various advanced technologies including Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and EDGE high speed data transfer technology that makes things more beneficial for the user. BlackBerry 8800 Black also possible for the user to access internet with the help of this Smartphone. BlackBerry 8800 Black model mobile phone from Blackberry has a talk time of approximately five hours and up to five hundred and twenty eight hours of standby time from a fully charged battery. The phone also has the facility of emailing that ensures easy transfer of files and other documents. This phone also has additional features including text messaging service, multimedia picture messaging service and an instant messaging service making things easier for the user.

The Blackberry 8800 Black mobile phone has a 64 MB in-built memory with an expandable microSD memory slot. It provides ample space to store all your important data, emails, music, etc. This Blackberry Mobile Phone is equipped with Bluetooth for hands-free dialogue and a full QWERTY keyboard layout. The Blackberry 8800 Mobile Phone has instant Messaging features you can connect with your IM contacts using popular applications like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. The Blackberry 8800 Mobile Phone is also equipped with an inbuilt media player. You can listen to your favorite songs and watch video clips through your mobile phone. The Blackberry 8800 mobile is stereo headset capable. Quietly obsessed with creating an OS that does as many things as possible for as many people as possible, T-Mobile has managed to sneak up on other mobile operating systems, says PC Magazine in its review of the OS back in October. Version 4.5 and the most recent desktop software add a flurry of features making the typically excellent BlackBerry devices do even more. BlackBerry OS 4.5s ease-of-use, support, and flexibility, along with T-mobile wide assortment of handset options make it our Editors Choice for mobile operating systems for now. For more details visit


Nature has shown dentists how to whiten teeth

Nature has shown dentists how to whiten teeth. Nature has made performance of teeth whitening a relatively easy task.  As those who have taken high school chemistry may remember, all matter contains atoms. Each atom contains a nucleus, made up of protons and neutrons, and electrons, which circle around the nucleus. The electrons exist in defined energy fields.

A simple substance, such as hydrogen, has very few electrons. A crystal has a much larger number of electrons. When a substance has more electrons, it allows those electrons the chance to move into a different energy field. Such movement takes place upon activation of a crystal.

Because dentists now understand how to activate crystals, teeth whitening no longer demands labor intensive efforts. The dentist simply needs to make use of an energy source, something that can activate crystals. The dentist then must obtain teeth whitening products that contain crystals, crystals that will respond to the energy source possessed by the dentist.

During laser bleaching, the laser provides the dentist with the needed energy source. The dentist puts a gel on a patients teeth. Light from a laser activates the crystals in that gel. The electrons in the crystals absorb the energy from the light. The electrons then shift their position in the atoms of the crystal.

Once electrons have changed their position in an atom, they can not stay in that new position forever. The electrons slowly return to their former position, and they release energy in the process.  When electrons are in a gel that has been applied to a patients teeth, then the electrons can penetrate the teeth enamel. That penetration of the enamel whitens the teeth.

Laser bleaching is easy, because the patient simply sits in the dentists chair while the dentist shines the laser light on his or her teeth. Unless a patient has very sensitive teeth, the laser bleaching procedure involves no amount of discomfort. It generally does not require a great many visits to the dentists office.

It might be easy to get white teeth by using laser bleaching, but that does not mean it is always easy to pay for the procedure. Laser bleaching costs about $1,000. That is twice the cost of an alternative whitening procedure.

Moreover, it is not always easy to explain to others the sudden change in the color of ones teeth. Many people feel more comfortable with a slower whitening procedure. Not every one finds it easy to explain to friends and co-workers the sudden disappearance of once yellow teeth.

Britesmile Teeth whitening can make one part of teeth whitening a bit easier. Britesmile Teeth whitening is less expensive than laser bleaching. When the dentist uses Britesmile Teeth whitening, he or she does not use a laser light. A different type of light provides the dentist with an energy source, a way to activate gel crystals.

Britesmile Teeth whitening shares with laser bleaching the need for application of a gel. However, the gel used for Britesmile Teeth whitening is not the same as the gel used for laser bleaching. The gel does not feel the intense beam of a laser light. It is exposed to a light that emits something other than normal white light. (something such as ultraviolet light).

Britesmile Teeth whitening makes it easy to get a white smile. Britesmile Teeth whitening costs about $600, much less than laser bleaching. Still, patients who agree to undergo Britesmile Teeth whitening do not find it any easier to explain to friends or co-workers why they suddenly have such a white smile.

While cosmetic tooth whitening is easy to achieve, there is still no guarantee that the noticeable results will be easy to explain to others.


Everyone wants a website to promote their business

Everyone wants a website to promote their business.  The choice of how to design your website.  A lot of businesses decide to hire the best web designer to design their site.  Even if you hire the best web designer you will still ought to know a little bit about websites.  The goal of most businesses is to have a website that will give information about their products and services while maintaining the best web design.  The best web design doesn't necessarily require a professional, it just requires a great eye.  Below are a few tips of how to create the best web design and taboos to stay away from.

* Simple is often best.  Choose the colors that represent your business, but also the colors most readable.  Having light background with light text will only make the information hard to read.  The other half of the coin is no busy backgrounds.  If you choose a light background don't include your companies logo on the entire background or other types of design.
* Text should be easy to read.  Not only in color, but also in font.  The font should be simple and business like.  A lot of resumes are using Ariel Narrow, Currier New, or something equally business like.
* Information oughts to be crucial to your site.  You ought to have keywords on your main page while delving in to the products or services you sell.  If the information is not easy to find potential customers are going to think this is a bad web design and not come back.  To be a professional web design you ought to have the information a potential most wants to know about your products or services on the main page.
* Include searches on every page especially the main page, company background, links, contact information.  A potential customer wants to find the answers to their questions on every page, even if that means they ought to speak with a company representative.

The best web design doesn't ought to be created by a professional.  Using good business sense and a few tips of what to do and not to do will help you create a website that looks professional.  The goal is to bring in potential customers and make them buyers.  If they return that's great, but getting them to look further than the main page is a true professional web design.


For two consecutive months Googles pay per click ads were dropping

For two consecutive months Googles pay per click ads were dropping and company officials are stumped as to why. The problem has become acute enough that user clicks were down 3.1% losing Google a substantial amount of money. Google officials refuse to comment why the company has had a few bad months. In the history of Google they have never seen such a decline.

Googles stock has hit an all time low of 40% of Novembers stock value which caused a 78 billion dollar loss to the company. People are stumped as to the reason why. Many have blamed the recession and have begun to wonder if Google is maturing to the point that it is no longer new and fresh. The staleness of the organization might have something to do with the decline much like it has with other businesses.

The stock sell off that has caused such a large loss of paper money was due to the fear that the money gained since the original IPO would be lost. Investors, who have been hit from multiple angles with declining stocks, wanted to sell their stocks before the value declined. This likely started a flood of selling to beat out a declining value.

Consumer confidence in the xafs as well as the softening of jobs has hit many industries hard. Why should Google be any different? As consumes are not able to get credit and use their credit cards or begin to tighten their spending because of a focus on basic amenities they will spend less. Purchasing online will likely decline as well. If you arent going to purchase anything why would you click on a product?

Googles strategies will likely shift as the economy of the U.S. slows down. As they have been doing for sometime they will push for growth in overseas xafss to make up losses in the U.S. This can be seen through the purchase of advertising companies in Europe, growth into China and other places. As these nations develop more shipping technology and small businesses their model becomes more feasible.


How did you first learn about the business of wholesaling

How did you first learn about the business of wholesaling real estate? Did you read a book? Or hear it on a 2AM infomercial? Or perhaps you know someone in the business. No matter how you learned about it, you quickly caught on that there was money to be made in the business. You may have seen incredible examples of people who found bargain properties, purchased them for pennies on the dollar, turned around and made a nifty profit.  

    Of course all that is true. Wholesaling properties is a lucrative business, but there are a number of pitfalls and dangers to be aware of.  Remember the old saying "To be forewarned is to be forearmed." The highway to real estate fortunes is littered with well-intentioned people those who did not heed good advice. Let that not be said of you. Here are seven of the most common newbie mistakes to avoid.

1. No Cash Reserve

    To jump into real estate investing with no cash reserves is pretty much a ticket to quick failure. I know - you've listened to all the infomercials and heard the gurus say "no money down," "you need no cash," and similar amazing claims. It sounds great, but the truth is you will have to have access to some cash. This may be your great credit (and your credit cards), it may be a partner who has cash reserves, it may be someone who believes in you who is willing to invest in your business. Somehow, some way, there must be available cash. Think about it - you can't even buy a stack of bandit signs if you have no cash. 

2. Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

    Some people love to learn and soak up knowledge and instruction. Others feel that taking time to study (seminars, teaching CDs, books, webinars, etc.) is a waste of time. "Who needs it?  I just want to jump in and get rolling." Can that person become successful? Perhaps. But the chances are slim.  Do you want your car tuned up by someone who has never been trained? Not me. There is so much good instruction available, it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Whatever knowledge and training you can acquire - your future clients will thank you for it.

3. Failure to xxx

    In order to succeed in real estate investing you will need sellers who want to sell and buyers who want to buy. The only way you can find these people is by xafsing. Yes, you can hire bird dogs (people to scour neighborhoods to find properties for you), but that is not all sufficient. The lack of a xafsing plan and a xafsing budget is a mistake that can be fatal to your new business. You must let people know you are in business, and you must let them know what you can do for them.

4. Ignoring the Internet
          Closely related to xafsing is the use of the Internet. In this day and age, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of all that is available on the Net. You can find simple do-it-yourself website programs with which you can set up a website and feature your properties. Learn about such things as email campaigns and autoresponders. Use free ad services such as CraigsList. Much of what is offered on the Internet is free for the taking. Not using these tools leaves a gaping hole in your xafsing plan.

5. Paying Too Much

    Another mistake that often puts newbies out of the game is the lack of ability to make a clear price analysis. This is an art that is learned over time. If you are flipping to a rehabber, you must factor in such items as repairs and holding costs. Failure to understand how to price will equal out to slim or no profits. No profits means no business.

6. Falling in Love with the Property

    If you latch on to a beautiful piece of real estate, it's difficult to keep emotions at bay. But that is the key to becoming a good investor. Emotions must not play a part in the decision making. If they do, it's likely that unwise decisions will be made.  The best advice is to hold all properties at arm's length and remain as objective as possible.

7. Doing Nothing

    Procrastination is a demon that will not only kill your enthusiasm; it will kill your entire business. If it is to become your source of income, treat it like a real business and not some hobby you've picked up. If you have determined that you want to make money in the real estate game, you must set up a work plan and follow it. If you do nothing - believe me, nothing is what will happen. 


    If you are new to the world of real estate and real estate investing, you will have enough of a learning curve without adding to your headaches. Any and all of the mistakes listed above can be easily avoided. Let these be seven headaches you will eliminate at the outset. Consider yourself forewarned!


Panic disorder is known as Fright

Panic disorder is known as Fright-Psychic-Condition which usually occurs without any reason or cause. A panic mess consists of different kinds of symptoms like chronic horror, fear, threat, heart throbbing, sweating and rapid breathing. The people of panic-disorder cant sleep due to constant attacks of fear and fright throughout the night.

Causes of Panic-Disorder (P.D)

1. Hereditary factor

Hereditary is one of the prevailing factors in panic disorder as millions of people in the world are indulging in different kinds of inherent panic diseases including bipolar-disorder, manic disorder, hypo manic disorder, schizophrenia, lzheimer, obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD) and various other forms of depression. Almost, all the diagnoses show the real cause of panic disorder which is the hereditary-panic-disorder. Today, an ample amount of panic disorder cases have been found in the United States as it is saturated with panic-disorder.

2. Drugs

Drugs are the major causes of panic disorder all around the world and it is investigated 100% by the psychologists that every kind of panic chaos is generally occurred due to heavy use of drugs including cigarettes, alcohol, hash, cocaine, cannabis smoking and nicotine, etc.

3. Amygdala, Hormonal and Adrenaline Glands

Some of the causes of panic turmoil are Amygdala, Hormonal and Adrenaline Glands which often become the reason of fear, fright and threat. As a results these sorts of chronic disorders run on continuous frustrations and worries for the people who indulge in it.

4. Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions burst out in way of natural calamity like earthquake, flood, volcanic activity, fire eruption, bomb-blasting, etc. This situation more often than not becomes the major factor of panic disorder in the society which is sometime devastated in an earthquake or flood. As a result, numerous people are caught up in different panic chaos.

5. Societal depressions (Women-Especially)

Societal tensions and burdens are everywhere in the world. Every person has a maximum limit to control upon his emotions and stresses. When the mind is overloaded with an ample amount of sociological depressions, panic disorder is occurred at this moment and women are mostly become the victim of panic disorder as they have gone through various stages of their lives like childhood abuses, violation, beating, life-threatening, emotional abuses, sexual abuses, sexual harassment, divorce and many other societal violations which the women come by.

6. Different other factors

There are some other evidences of panic disorders obtained by most of the psychiatrists like Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemia, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Labyrinthitis and Pheochromocytoma.

7. Anxiety as leading factor of panic disorder

The studies conducted in animals and humans have proved a point regarding the panic-disorder. It shows that anxiety is the biggest cause of panic disorder as it includes fear, sensitivity, conscious feeling, irritation, hypertension, fight response, etc. These all syndromes merely become the cause of chronic attack called as Bipolar-Disorder which is also known as Hypo-Manic-Disorder.

8. Sleep-Apnea

Sleeping-Apnea or Hypopnea often becomes the factor of panic disorder as the people indulge in chronic problems of lack of sleep especially at night bed.

9. Prepulse Inhibition

Last but not the least is the Prepulse Inhibition which becomes the cause of panic attack. It is quite spreading these days, because it disturbs the cognitive function of the person which leads him/her into chronic attacks of inability, lack of sensory perceptions, memory damage and hallucinations, etc.

Concluding remarks

Briefly, we can say that panic disorder is the disorder of all times, because it retains countless impacts especially for the women and a very long psycho treatment. Today, every second woman is indulged in chronic messes. Every year, a number of women indulge in bipolar, schizophrenia, Alzheimer, OCD, hypo manic disorders, etc and these numbers are very high in the United States. Therefore, the need of time is that we have got to think seriously about Panic-Disorder (PD), because its always chronic and long-lasting disease.


All over the world in most Christian cultures

All over the world in most Christian cultures, the hanging of decorative festive lighting had long been a standing tradition during Christmas. Even in countries like Japan which is not a predominantly Christian nation had adopted this secular practice of celebratory lighting. In the United States, the state of Missouri is not one to be left behind in this holiday extravaganza. Each year, the country waits in eager expectation the Christmas light magic that palces like Kansas City, Overland Park and Leawood offer. Last year’s holiday season was astonishing especially in the Leawood – Overland Park area as the whole state and country beheld the spectacle that transformed these cities into a winter wonderland.

Kansas City is the largest city in the whole state of Missouri. You can therefore expect a lot of holiday activity from the 475,830 estimated population in the area encompassing Jackson, Cass, Clay, and Platte counties. As the holiday season approaches, you will be amazed at how this humble Missouri city transforms from the regular humid subtropical city, into this festively cold haven. From November onwards, in time for thanksgiving, the locals begin to install their Christmas lights around their homes, much o the delight of tourists and visitors.

The Christmas tree is a focal point of every home celebrating Christmas, where dazzling lights illuminate the simple perennial wooden plant. Thousands of LED fairy lights (Christmas lights) grace Kansas City, Missouri each year from public venues to private homes. Houses outlined by perennial Christmas lights are a common sight to Kansas City sojourners during the holiday season. It is much like the Festival of Lights held every Christmas in Louisiana which is one of the oldest light festivals in the US. You and your family will love spending the holidays in Kansas City as you can drive through the town’s tacky light tour.

2009’s Christmas celebration in Kansas had even been covered on TV because of their beautiful light sculptures which is a growing trend now in the US. Simple lampposts become objects of much merriment when designed publicly with Christmas lighting effects, some of which are even holographic. In Leawood, Kansas last year, several houses were featured during the holiday festivities because of their adorable Christmas lighting displays. Ken and Marylyn Hager’s dazzling computer controlled Christmas light display along 127th street was one of the most beautiful you could ever see.

The Burton residence also in Leawood Kansas had been dazzling us with their Christmas lighting showcase for 8 straight years now. Also in Leawood Kansas, a block away from the Burton’s is the Pawnee Lane’s Santa Clause Airport Christmas Lighting display, also from last year. The Kyoger family in the same vicinity also from last year dazzled us with their Monster Brain Christmas lighting display for 15 minutes in Granada Drive. Ash Street also in the same place had also delighted us with their merry Christmas displays for three straight years now. There are a dozen more lovely Christmas lighting displays all across Missouri which are simply too many to mention from last year, these are just a few of them.

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